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on the tragic death of a new york city man whose final moments were captured in that picture. tonight a 30-year-old homeless man faces second-degree charges of murder. davis is accused of shoving that victim following a confrontation. davis has a long record in new york and pennsylvania. police say the victim tried to climb a few feet to safety but got trapped between the train and the platform's edge. what was planned as a birthday party for jazz great dave brubeck is now becoming a memorial tribute. brubeck died today in connecticut one day shy of his 92nd birthday. gotta know that one. take five from the 1959 album time-out. it was the first jazz album to sell a million copies. grammy winner dave brubeck been at the age of 91. >>> a memorial service was held today for kansas city chiefs linebacker jovan belcher. belcher shot his girlfriend saturday morning. the couple add three-month-old daughter together. then he drove to arrowhead stadium where he shot and killed himself. we've posted the 911 calls that belcher's mom made begging belcher to stay alive. >>> today a fairfax county judge made
argued. the two incidents have prompted fear among some subway riders and a warning from the city's mayor. >> growing up in the city, you always would stand close to the edge and look to see if the train comes, so it's pretty -- makes you rethink the things that you do on a regular basis. >> we do live in a world where our subway platforms are open, and that's not going to change to. say everybody should exercise care goes without saying. >> erica menendez is due in court tomorrow for an arraignment. prosecutors say she could be charge weed a hate crime, and if convicted, she could face life in prison. >>> a 16-year-old girl is dead tonight and police want your help in finding the driver of one of the cars that struck her. it happened around 6:00 last night. police say the teen was not in a crosswalk when she was hit by a car at first street and new york avenues in northwest d.c. the driver of that car stopped but then the teen was hit by an suv that kept on going. tonight police are searching for the driver of that tan suv with d.c. tags. ,just ahead on 9news now, a local music legend di
to the seriousness of this situation. >> reporter: city of laurel spokesman says the unidentified student was located by police on monday. he wasn't at school but shortly after police caught up with him, he was taken to a local hospital for psychiatric evaluations. as of late tuesday he was still in the custody of that hospital. he called this a classic case of see something, say something. >> it started with the students' observations and willing to come forward and tell a teacher, security got involved. we believe that that action prevented a pretty serious situation. >> reporter: authorities don't believe the alleged plan was inspired by the events in newtown, connecticut. they think this was already in the works before the massacre of 26 people at sandy hook elementary. however, the uneasy tensions that many are feeling as a result of sandy hook may have contributed to the authorities being tipped off by the students. >> it may have helped, because there is a heightened awareness and sensitivity to it. >> reporter: back out live here, authorities say they have been in communication with this teen
in the city of green belt in the number two court of laurel hill road. when firefighters arrived, there was a heavy fire in the first floor already extending up to the second. it eventually burned through the roof. fire investigators are interviewing people. what we're hearing is the possibility that she may have left the house, got out safely before returning back into the house. and obviously, that's something we never want anybody to do, is once you're out to stay out. >> we noticed that the investigation is ongoing. can you tell us anything else about the cause of the fire? >> not at this point. our fire investigators as well as the green belt city police department are on the scene, which is standard operating procedure whenever there is a fire with a fatality. at this point there's no red flags. we don't believe we have anything suspicious at hand. we are dealing with two injured people in the house at the time of the fire. a male and a female in their 50s or 60s that sustained some injuries, some burns, smoke injuries and a broken arm. all have been transported to area hos
of helping. >> a lot of city of cleveland, i'm definitely not happy about, you know, what happened, because it definitely put a damper on my return and what was otherwise a great day for us being able to go in, win a ballgame. >> the wizards hopes for even a decent season were dashed when john wall injured his knee in september. now we're in december and there's no timetable on when he'll return. wall got an injection in his knee and was told he can afternoon up his recovery workout but is no closer to knowing when he can turn to the courts and help his woeful wizards. >> we're out there giving our all and playing hard. >> got to try to keep his spirits high, because it's the first time he's really gone through something like this. >> we need your help choosing the top sports moment of 2012. today we have five d.c. maryland football moments to choose from. go to to pick your favorite. starting wednesday, we'll count down the top plays, ending with number one on new year's eve. go to >> we'll be right back. >> that's 9 news for tonight. be ready for some fog in the morning. >> earl
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)